My name is Salvatore Del Prete, I’m 39. I come from Naples, I am married and I have 5 sons. I come from a catholic family. When I was a child, I remember I used to go every Sunday with my grandma tothe Evangelical Church. Since I was a kid, I was interested to the life Jesus had. I was so keen on it, that I wanted to be like Him: I wanted to become a priest. I moved to Germany and as I grew up, I forgot Jesus. My teenager life was a disaster, I used to beat boys of my same age, and I hadn’t respect for anybody. One day, I heard my sister-in-law, Michela, talking about the salvation in Jesus.

I didn’t take it seriously, actually I used to poke fun at her. My wife convinced me to go in a church meeting one day, but it was boring to me most of the time, I didn’t listen and I didn’t sing. I preferred watching football in TV on Sundays, rather than Church, but I used to go only to make my wife happy. After a while, Toni and Irene invited us to their place. I was ashamed of doing anything, I didn’t want to read, or pray, so I just listened. I was astonished to hear them praying for me and my family that night. I was so surprised that I told my wife: “How could it be, that they’re praying for us?”. After that night, we went back home and I told my wife that our life had got to change. As soon as we arrived, I bent on my knees on the ground and I asked the Lord to forgive all my sins. In that exact moment I felt deep peace and joy in my heart and my soul that I couldn’t be silent. I had to tell it everybody. Thank Jesus my life has changed and I can truly live. I want to be baptized to give a public witness of my faith in Jesus Christ.