I wasborn in a family of believers. When my father died, I was only 9, I suffered a lot, I almost closed myself off, because I was very attached to my father. Reading the Bible and praying I understood only God could heal my pain. During those days the Lord has been closer to me and I’ve searched Him always more because I needed someone to hold on to. Before accepting Jesus in my heart, I had my doubts, because I wanted my prayers to be granted immediately. I prayed for my father’s healing every day and I was waiting for a positive answer.

But later I understood God has a plan for us all and He knows when He’s going to answer, we only have to trust Him and to be patient, letting God lead our life. The most beautiful experience of my life happened last year, going to a camp as I usually do. This camp was different from the others because the Brother did a study that made me think a lot about my sins and my faith. He talked about Enoc, who walked with God for 300 years and by faith he was taken from this life, so that he didn’t experience death. I once believed that only after our death we’d have known whether we’d have been saved or not, in regard to our behavior. The sentence that changed my life was: “Lord, I commit my life to you”. In that moment I felt a sense of relief and peace. It is wrong to say that when you become a believer all your problems just vanish, your relationships are easy, life is rich and happy. With the Lord our God we can face whatever comes. I invite all the youth to do this great experience with God. I thank Him because He also gave me a tender and caring mother, that talked to me about the Lord since I was a child.

May God bless us. Guido Fioretto