Thank God, I was raised in a Christian family. Besides going to the Sunday school on Sunday, I remember that since I was a little child we’ve always read the Bible as a family following a students’ book for the kids our age. It was during one of this little studies that I gave my life to Jesus. After asking Him to forgive my sin and thanking Him for giving His only Son to die on a cross because of me, my little heart felt deep joy and peace. One day I faced my schoolmates and I realized that not everybody believed in the same God I knew. So I gradually began to have doubts and often a voice said to me: “Among all the religions upon this earth, you really think yours is the right one?!”I confessed it to my mother and she told me I had to convince myself I was not following a religion, actually the true living God.


I was born in Rome 30 years ago, the last of a large, poor Catholic family.  Even though not a practising Catholic, my Mum frequently went to Mass on Sundays and used to take me with her, as a young boy already searching spiritually.  I was 5 years old when my parents, despairing because I had turned the flat into a football pitch (I used to demolish everything by hitting it with a ball), signed me up for a football school.

I was born and raised in an Italian Catholic family. We weren’t rich, but we were surrounded by love and we could make do with what we had. I was 17, when I moved to Switzerland with my parents. The mistress of our house was a believer. That was my first contact with the Gospel. Four years later, we decided to move to Belgium.

Hello, my name is Marco, I’m 25. I was born in a Christian family. In my family and during the Sunday school, I learned about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for me and all of you. I remember when I was a kid, I used to pray God to give me a good night, I thanked Him for the food and for the good time and it came easy to me. God wasn’t a stranger to me.