Hi, I’m Debora Oddi. I was born in a Christian family and I had the privilege of growing up with the Word of God. Since I was a child, I used to go to the Sunday school and there, I could hear stories from the Bible and I also became aware of what Jesus had done for me and the whole world. On my 13th birthday, two girlfriends of mine came at my house and invited me to play the “Glass Game”. In this game, the person takes contact with the devil; you ask him something and he answers. I knew playing that game was wrong, but my curiosity was much bigger than my guilt.

My name is Salvatore Gargiulo, I am an ex-priest of the Catholic Church.

I was absolutely positive the Pope was Peter’s successor, vicar of Christ. I graduated in Theology in 1951 and I became priest. I intended to be for all my lifetime a devoted son of the roman pope, the “holy father”. A good minister is also devoted to the virgin Mary, and so was I, promulgating the rosary prayers, spreading the messages of Lourdes and Fatima.

My nameis Emanuela, I wasborn in a Christian family. By going always to the evangelical meetings and by knowing many things about Jesus, I felt right before God. At the age of 12, during my school time, I began to have doubts in my heart, wondering: “Why have I to be different from the others? Who can assure me that Jesus is the Truth?” At the same time, a voice in me spoke, saying: “What will happen to you, when Jesus comes to take all the believers?”.

I accepted Jesus Christ in my life at the age of 13, in Niscemi (Italy) during a Youth Bible meeting. Even if I’ve always been listening to the sermons and I knew what Jesus had done on the cross, I still didn’t understand what I had to do to be saved. The leader prepared some questionnaires and the first question was: “When did you convert?”; I obviously didn’t answer. The following Saturday he came and talked to me; I don’t remember exactly what he said, but we prayed and I accepted Jesus in my heart as Lord and Savior, and I cried for joy. I felt reborn, a wonderful sensation. But a while later, for some reasons, I went to work in a bar every night. Working every night meant I couldn’t go to the meetings during the week and I was so tired on Sunday morning that I just couldn’t wake up.