My illness was not a punishment from God.

Hello everybody, I’m Rosa I. I come from CattolicaEraclea (AG; Italy) and I really want to tell you how I met the Lord Jesus. I was born in a catholic family and I attended the Catholic church. In 1971 I moved to Germany with my parents and I got married in 1974. At the beginning of 1977, Gaspare S. invited my husband to an evangelical meeting, but I didn’t want to go, because I wasn’t interested in the Gospel. It was my husband which encouraged me to go. That night, it was talked about Jesus, who died for our sins and resurrected for our salvation. Those words touched my heart, I understood that Jesus had died and risen for me. We attended those meetings for a while, even if, for a short time, I also had contacts with the Jehovah’s witnesses. I didn’t like their way to introduce Jesus, not even their doctrines.

My name is Donatella P. I was born in 1982.

Before I found Jesus, I lived without God, although I was born and educated in a catholic family. I said God didn’t exist. I used to believe only what I could see, I was afraid of believing in an invisible world. I was rebel against my parents, especially against my mother; I wanted to follow my ideas, among which, studying psychology (despite she never advised me to).  I was always busy with myself, I wanted to find out who I really was. During my studies, I knew unexplainable phenomena and I became aware that exists a real world we can’t see.

Matthew 5:14-16 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house”.

  I accepted Jesus in my life in 1992 and I got baptized in 1994. I want to thank the Lord one more time for having saved me and forgiven me all my past, present and future sins through His Holy blood. After my conversion, although I used to take part to the Sunday worship, I lived superficially for several years.

Hello, my name is Orazio, I was born in a catholic family and I live in Mainz. I’m 53 years old, married with three children. I want to tell you briefly how I met Jesus. In 1991, during the Gulf war, my wife and I wondered whether there’ll have been a Third World War or not and where would we be going after the death. We were both confused, trying to understand if our religion was the right one. We prayed God together, asking Him to show us the truth. One day, on the telephone with my sister (who lives in Italy) she told me she had converted to Christianity.