Hello everybody, my name is Samuel, I was born and raised in France. I am married and I have 3 children. I’ve known the Word of God since I was a little kid, but I didn’t care; I attended the meetings just to please my parents. I made a lot of trouble and this fact led me to have problems with the police. Many questions about what was the meaning of life, death, my future… hammered in my mind. I was 17 when I began to read the Bible (in hiding from my parents, because I didn’t want to admit the Bible interested me). The Lord revealed Himself to me, while I was reading.

“The one who seeks finds”. That happened in my life. I opened my heart to Him, He gave me peace and a meaning to my life. Jesus Christ answered all my questions and now I’m happy to live with Him. Surely, had I met Him before, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble!

Samuel S. Ludwigshafen

My name is Sara S., I’m 28, I was born in Mannheim (Germany). I was born in a family of believers and I listened to God’s word and taughtever since. My parents showed me the right paths to follow, so, in a manner of speaking, it was normal for me living in this world and thinking differently from my schoolmates.

My name is Daniel Arcuri, I’m 20. I was born and raised in a Christian family and I’ve heard the Word of God since I was a child. Growing up, I found the biblical taught merely interesting and I struggled to put what I listened in practice. This fact demoralized me a lot. I felt lacking towards God so I just drifted apart, thinking it was the easier solution. I began living my life my own way, but nonetheless I didn’t completely abandon the Church, because going there made me feel right with my conscience. I was always more positive I’d never paid any consequence this way, but things have not turned out that way. I was looking for happiness in everything the world could offer, always looking for something better; but I didn’t know it’d have been an endless research, because true happiness is only in Jesus Christ. He’s the One who can fill the emptiness in your heart, because He’s Perfect.

My name is Maria Grazia, I’m 50, I’m married and I have 2 kids. I was raised in a family of believers and since I was a child, I attended the Brethren Evangelical Community in Foggia; I come from Apulia (Italy). The fact I had a Christian background doesn’t mean my life had always been sacred to the Lord. I was weak during my teenage years. When I was 13, I was torn between the pleasures of this world and the decision to give my life to Jesus Christ. The church gatherings usually bored me, maybe because I hadn’t got the true meaning of staying there. I’d become like a robot: I went there just to honor my parents, sometimes I’ve been even forced to. I felt empty and lonely, even if I had many friends out of the church.