Hello everybody, my name is Gioele M. I’m 27, I was born in Agrigento (Sicily). I was raised in a family of believers and in 1994, when I was 8, my family and I moved to Germany for economic reasons. About two years later, we came to know there was an evangelical church in Stuttgart, so we began to go there on Sundays; there was also a Sunday school for kids, and I bought a Bible to attend the school. My teacher was Antonietta Viola. One of those Sundays, Antonietta told us: “One day the Lord will come and take His Church, that’s all the ones who believe in Him” and she went on explaining a lot of things, but all of a sudden she asked me if I had sinned, I said yes, admitting I had stolen something and I hadn’t obeyed my parents. She reminded me that in the 10 Commandments God gave us there’s written:

I was born in a family of believers and this fact made me think I was a child of God too. As a kid, I went to the Sunday school and later I began to attend the Youth Gatherings. One day the Lord called me, while a brother was reading this verse to the Youth: “Rejoice, young person, while you are young! Your heart should make you happy in your prime. Follow your heart’s inclinations and whatever your eyes see, but know this: God will call you to account for all of these things” (Ecclesiastes 11:9).

Hello everybody, my name is Silvia, I’m 35. I was born and raised in a catholic family. In 2002 my husband and I’ve been invited to spend a Saturday in the Evangelical Church. What shocked me the most was to see how the believers prayed and sang to the Lord, pretty much different from the way I was accustomed to in the Catholic church. So we began to attend the evangelical meetings and this way, by listening to the preachers, reading the Bible and talking with my husband when we’re on our own, I gained knowledge of the Holy Truth.

Hello everybody my name is Matteo, I’m the eldest of 5 children. I come from a rigorously catholic family. Six years ago, it began a very hard time for me and my family, because my mother fell seriously ill and the doctors couldn’t tell us how many probabilities to survive she had. So we, as very devout as we were, we turned to the saints; we were sure they would have granted our prayers but, unluckily my mother died 3 years later. I was very disappointed and I convinced myself that the saints had no power neither on life, nor on death. I was destroyed, overwhelmed, scared. Three years later, one of my friends wrote me a message on Facebook, asking how I was and asking me if I had overcome the loss of my mother.After a while, he began to tell me about Jesus, about His love; for me it was something absolutely new, and when we talked face to face he invited me to the gatherings, to know more about God.