Hello, my name is Sam Grossano, I am 35, married and I have three beautiful daughters. I was born and raised in a family of believers. As a kid, I went to the Sunday school and to the meetings. It was normal for me to go there on Saturdays and Sundays just to hear the Word of God. At the age of 15, I began to be curious about the world around me, I wanted to earn a lot of money in a short time, but I wasn’t pleased with that. At 16, on a youth gathering it was asked if anybody wanted to be saved and to know the real joy of the life. I desired to say: ”Yes, I do!” but something stopped me. While praying, the same question was asked again but I still couldn’t answer. The evening became to an end, but I was sure that I couldn’t go home that way. I talked to Toni, we prayed together, and there I felt relieved experiencing the joy of salvation. At the age of 19, my wife Sarah gave birth to Valeria, my daughter. It was a good time for us, but I slowly distanced myself from God. I lived the way I wanted until I made a terrible experience that turned my life upside-down. It was a normal evening and I began to feel a battle inside of me in order to bring me to deny God.

This is the story of Rut and Jochen Schöffel, that shows how God worked in them and turned everything that was bad in something good.

1st Peter 5:7 is our wedding’s verse and we had it cut on our wedding rings. Looking back, we do recognize how important is this verse to us. We discovered the meaning of this verse 5 years later. The birth of our daughter Sophia was very troubled; it lasted 18 hours. The umbilical cord was 3 times rolled up around her neck. Everything went alright for 3 years, just like every parent wishes. A while later, we noticed Sophia was a late-talker. When she was 3, we subjected her to medical examinations, by pediatricians and otolaryngologist, and the exams were positive. It was thought it was a problem owed to the bilingualism, since I (Rut) used to talk in Italian to my daughter, while my husband used to talk to her in German. This fact, relieved us until the day a teacher in the nursery school told us that Sophia didn’t react immediately to calls and commands. For this reason, we searched a hearing-specialized Clinic. I didn’t go with Jochen and Sophia to this medical exam, because I had a bad feeling about it; I was convinced they would have found something bad and I couldn’t resign myself to that. After many verifications the result was: Hearing impairment at an intermediate stage inside both the ears.

My name is Andrea Donnini, i’m 41. From seven years I know the Lord and I was delivered from the monster that I carried inside me for 32 years, my homosexuality. From an early age I was attracted to men, women I never look at them, if not to their heels. Soon I began to understand that others do not accept me, made fun of me for the way I move and speak.. I started to correct me but also to lock in myself, in my silence, afraid of tomorrow. But the more I grew, the more the need and attraction to the same sex increased. Until I decided to let out what I called the 'monster', and live my homosexuality to sunlight.