My name is Giovanni and I am 30 years old. I was born in an evangelical Christian family. I’ve been attracted to the things about God and the Biblesince I was a kid. My mother was a teacher of the Sunday school (a Bible school on Sundays). I had a Bible for kids, with a lot of pictures inside of it. One day, (although I was just a six years old kid I could read) I asked my mother to buy me a Bible, but one of those adults read. And my mother bought me it. From the day I started to read it, I’ve never stopped. Even if I was a child and I didn’t understand everything I read, I was fascinated by this wonderful book.

Hi, my name is BeniaminoMantelli. I was born and raised in a Christian family and I used to attend the meetings with much interest, but I didn’t know what it really meant to accept Jesus in your life. As I grew up, I didn’t want to go to Church anymore; I used to pray now and then, so I thought there was no reason to go to Church in order to have a relationship with God. I had not converted yet, but I loved God and I was convinced that He existed.

Many people underestimate the reality of the hell. I take it literally. First of all, because the Bible teaches it, and second because God has granted me to have a miraculous and at the same time terrible experience; it is something that I cannot deny. My name is Domenico B.. I was born 73 years ago in Cattolica Eraclea (Italy). When I was 18, in 1965, I emigrated to Mannheim (Germany) . My wife and I have 5 children. For a long time I’ve been attending Christian meetings, but I did it only to make my wife happy, because she was a believer long since. In July 2003 I was affected by a terrible illness and I was carried to the hospital. I had a huge abdominal pain and a serious hemorrhage (I’ve lost 4 liters of blood).

Thank God, I was raised in a Christian family. Besides going to the Sunday school on Sunday, I remember that since I was a little child we’ve always read the Bible as a family following a students’ book for the kids our age. It was during one of this little studies that I gave my life to Jesus. After asking Him to forgive my sin and thanking Him for giving His only Son to die on a cross because of me, my little heart felt deep joy and peace. One day I faced my schoolmates and I realized that not everybody believed in the same God I knew. So I gradually began to have doubts and often a voice said to me: “Among all the religions upon this earth, you really think yours is the right one?!”I confessed it to my mother and she told me I had to convince myself I was not following a religion, actually the true living God.