My nameisSophia, I’m 20. Thank God, I live in a family who loves and knows Jesus Christ. I’ve been hearing the Word of Godsince I was a child. I went to the Sunday school several times and through it I found out more about Jesus and His Word. During my teenage-years, I regularly attended the Italian “Teeniekreis” (Youth gatherings). My cousins Marco and Timeo took me with them sometimes. On an autumn night, I made my decision. Our teen-counsellor, Giuseppe, said: “We do not know when we are going to die. That’s why we must be ready to meet Jesus.” The only condition was to accept Jesus’ offer who forgave my sins and to give Him my life. I realizeditwassomethingextremelyimportant.

My name is Giovanni and I am 30 years old. I was born in an evangelical Christian family. I’ve been attracted to the things about God and the Biblesince I was a kid. My mother was a teacher of the Sunday school (a Bible school on Sundays). I had a Bible for kids, with a lot of pictures inside of it. One day, (although I was just a six years old kid I could read) I asked my mother to buy me a Bible, but one of those adults read. And my mother bought me it. From the day I started to read it, I’ve never stopped. Even if I was a child and I didn’t understand everything I read, I was fascinated by this wonderful book.

Hi, my name is BeniaminoMantelli. I’m 31 years old. I was born and raised in a Christian family and I used to attend the meetings with much interest, but I didn’t know what it really meant to accept Jesus in your life. As I grew up, I didn’t want to go to Church anymore; I used to pray now and then, so I thought there was no reason to go to Church in order to have a relationship with God. I had not converted yet, but I loved God and I was convinced that He existed.

Many people underestimate the reality of the hell. I take it literally. First of all, because the Bible teaches it, and second because God has granted me to have a miraculous and at the same time terrible experience; it is something that I cannot deny. My name is Domenico B.. I was born 73 years ago in Cattolica Eraclea (Italy). When I was 18, in 1965, I emigrated to Mannheim (Germany) . My wife and I have 5 children. For a long time I’ve been attending Christian meetings, but I did it only to make my wife happy, because she was a believer long since. In July 2003 I was affected by a terrible illness and I was carried to the hospital. I had a huge abdominal pain and a serious hemorrhage (I’ve lost 4 liters of blood).